How to Unblock a Shower

</br>Blockages of showers often happen due to various reasons. The bad thing is that such a blockage will inconvenience our day to day activities until dealt with. The good thing is that if you ever experience <a style=”color:#424242 !important;” href=””>Blocked shower Chessington</a>, you do not have to worry but to contact us and we will come and help you out. We are a team of dedicated professional plumbers who love their work. At our working office, we wait for you and we are ready to work with you in a fast way to solve your drain problem. Our qualified and certified engineers are very familiar with Chessington area.</br></br>A shower has the tendency of blocking quite often because of the contents that go through it, which is a mixture of hair and soap. These contents matt together and form a block anywhere between the shower basin and the main sewer line. The pipes are also small thus they tend to block much easily as compared to others. The shower usually starts to drain slowly until a full blockage takes place. Hence it will be okay to call us when you notice a slow drain rather than waiting for a full blockage.</br></br>When you contact us with such a problem, we immediately dispatch our fully equipped engineers to your premises. They will inspect the shower blockage and determined the work involved. You will be given a report of what is to be done and what it will cost you. You should not worry about the price because we are not interested in draining your pocket. What we want is to make sure your waste drains are operational. Sometimes our drain engineers are required to open the sewer access area so as to be able to use high pressure water jetting or drain rods. The work is carried out hygienically and you do not have to pay until you are satisfied.</br></br>

How to unblock a sink

The next time you have an issue with a blocked sink Chessington, you can handle it on your own. The clogged kitchen sink may occur any time and if you have no time to call any plumber at night, perhaps pouring the DIY ingredient is a great solution. Dont try to use hazardous chemicals that could lead to further issues. The drain is somewhat sensitive to these types of chemicals. If you have the right materials in the kitchen, lets find out how you can unblock a sink using these stuffs and prevent any future clog. You dont even have to pay a penny to use these various ingredients that perhaps have sat in your kitchen cabinet for so long! Regular maintenance can help to keep the blockage away and your drain should be flowing normally again. Baking soda and saltThis combo has become the sink saver in many households. Pour a cup of baking soda and add a half cup of salt. Pour the mixture down your sink and let it rest for at least 5 hours. Boil water until it is warm but not too hot. Pour the boiled water into the sink. Metal wireYou have a wire hanger at home, right? Unbend it until it becomes a long wire and make circle shape on one edge. Push it down to the sink until you feel the clog. Push it further or pull the object. Baking soda and vinegarAnother great mixture is baking soda and vinegar. Add half a cup of baking soda to half a cup of vinegar and pour it in the sink. Then pour in the hot water. Dont let your face gets close to the hole as it may result in an acidic reaction. Do you have any other method that you use at home? Share it with us!

Blocked toilet Chessington

Have you ever faced the problem of a blocked toilet? Did you figure out how to unblock a toilet yourself? Or have you tried the services rendered by certain professional companies? There are several techniques that can be attempted in this procedure. Waste in the trap:Sometimes there is no technical issue and the blockage is just because of waste in the trap. Remove the wastage with a regular toilet brush or more preferably with a plunger. Take the plunger and place it on the bottom hole of the toilet. Then force it down at this place; repeat the process for a few minutes until you become confident that the toilet is unblocked. In the process of how to unblock a toilet, it is important to put on plastic gloves as the water level could be high.Using equipments:The blocked toilet is not always as simple as discussed above. We may need to adopt some other techniques to unblock it. For this, visit a hardware store and get a plumber snake or an auger. You can also hire it if you do not want to purchase it. You have to get that snake down in the hole as much as possible while moving it in a backward and forward motion. This will clear the blockage in the way and the toilet will completely unblock.Some important points:After the procedure of unblocking the toilet has been completed, flush plenty of water in the drain in order to clear the whole passage. Always clean your hands and tools properly with anti- bacterial or other germ killing solutions.Most of the people think that how to unblock a blocked toilet Chessington is always a hard nut to crack, but actually it is not. You can call a professional to help you out in this situation if you do not want to do it yourself.